Just Some Randome Fanships

"My dad told me to sing out loud in the car every day when going home from work." 

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Emily: “David kisses me all the time.”
David: “We were doing a scene and I kissed her at the end, and she turned bright red.”
Emily: “He tries to kiss me all the time as a joke, because he knows it makes me very uncomfortable. He kissed me now like twice at the end of a scene.”
David: “And she kissed me once!”
Emily: “On the cheek.”
David: “It was pretty aggressive. You should see when she makes out with her other boyfriends.”
Emily: “He gets jealous when I have love interests. I’m turning bright red now.”

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Tatiana Maslany being Sarah Manning being Alison Hendrix being Donnie Hendrix.

Bow down, #CloneClub.

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